Little Things - Album Release

My first album titled "Little Things" is coming out in full on June 8th but will be released in parts before that date.

This is a chill beat tape project I've worked on for the last few years.

Big thank you to Slozim who performed some guitar samples for this project.

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Cndrm has 8 official releases available on streaming platforms everywhere and has more than 8 tracks scheduled for release in 2020.

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Videos // Visual Art

Here are some videos I've made to showcase my music.


if you're interested in using my tunes in a video or project... CLICK HERE


I started out DJing but quickly fell into the world of music production.

Many of my public releases are chill instrumentals, but I've also put out a few tracks that were collaborations with other artists.

If you'd like to hear more demos and random things, check out my Soundcloud. That's where I post everything.

For any business inquiries send me an email with details.